Can Indian investor create brokerage account in USA?


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Yes, an Indian investor can create a US brokerage account as a foreign account holder. 

You will be liable to pay taxes based on US brokerage account income directly in India. Your investment falls under the RBI guideline “Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS)” which allows a maximum of $250,000 investment every year.

We are sharing a common brokerage firm used by Indian nationals for US stock investment and simple steps. You can also use other brokers supported by the TradeGrub platform.


Follow the simple high-level steps given below:

1. Fund an Indian bank account (ICICI bank as an example)

2. Create a US brokerage account as a foreign account holder (TD Ameritrade brokerage as an example which provides $0 commission and no account minimum)

3. Wire transfer money from Indian bank account to US brokerage account (Use ICICI Money2World service as an example)

4. Connect your brokerage account to TradeGrub and enjoy simple, feature-rich trading, trader education, and more.

Note: If you need help with any of the steps listed above, then contact us via Support and we will guide you with the detailed account opening and wire transfer procedures.

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