Instructions for Opening and Funding Foreign Brokerage Account


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High-Level Steps to Open Brokerage Account and Funding

# Step Purpose
1 Open a brokerage account with TD Ameritrade Foreign Brokerage Account
2 Open or use an existing bank account (ICICI Checking Account for funding in Indian currency) in a foreign country. Funds in local currency
3 Use ICICI Money2World Service (For Indian Customers) or any other local country wire transfer service to fund your TD Ameritrade brokerage account Fund your brokerage account

Opening Brokerage Account with TD Ameritrade

# Step Purpose
1.1 Foreign Account Opening Application for brokerage account opening
1.2 Form W8-BEN This includes your country-specific Tax ID and declaration that you are treated as a foreigner for tax purposes and would have no tax liability in the US. You will be responsible for filing your taxes directly in your country using brokerage statements.
1.3 Passport Verifiable Identity proof
1.4 Proof of Residence Verifiable Address Proof
1.5 Visa Your existing visa details for identity proof

Note: Please send an Email to [email protected] so that we could send you forms to fill. We would also share bank contacts (ICICI bank in India) for wire transfer and instructions for uploading forms to TD Ameritrade’s new account service.

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