Updating P/L calculations on app based on cost


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If you bought stocks in multiple lots for dollar cost average and then sold it in small chunks, then you may notice that it will show a higher profit after the first sell for the balance of stocks (or sometimes net profit when in fact you are in net loss based on overall cost). It happens because TD will select a specific lot of stocks for the first sell to minimize the overall tax implication (based on tax-loss harvesting setting on your account) and therefore use the lot with a higher buy price to sell first so that your total profit is low.

This calculation on the app is not desirable because you can sell all stocks prematurely thinking that you have a profit when in fact it is a loss. Use the instructions given below to update the calculation in the app based on a cost basis.


1. Use ThinkorSwim desktop application (not web application) and install it on Mac or Windows.


2. Open the think or swim desktop app and go to the top right

Setup -> Application Settings -> General -> Calculations

3. Update P/L display method from default to "Cost" and click “Apply Settings”

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